about Us

Golden Construction Development Company
Why Golden Construction

Golden Construction goes to great lengths to understand each client. We don’t just want to build for you but in fact we want to build your vision. We service our clients 24/7 in all areas of California and Southern Nevada.

Our Credentials

Golden Construction has worked to build a reputation that will last a lifetime and we continue to build upon that reputation each and every time we tie our works boots up and head to the jobsite. We will be there for you when you need us and we will stand behind our work.

Our History

In 1990 after many years in the construction industry as a superintendent Joe Coleman, found that he was no longer satisfied working for his current employer. With a wife and two young boys to support, he struggled with the decision of what his next move should be. After combing through the job market he, with the encouragement of his wife, decided to start their own construction company, Golden Construction.


Based in Huntington Beach, CA Golden Construction is a family-owned, full-service healthcare development and project management company with a primary focus on the dialysis industry. Since 1990, GCDC has been involved in many design's of new facilites, construction of new facilites, remodels, maintenance and consultation of hundreds of projects all across California and Nevada.

GCDC is committed to serving the Dialysis industry construction's needs in whatever way we can. We have a passion for creating and building trusting relationships that will last decades so that when we are working on your projects, you know it will be done right!